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March 24, 2017

Progressive issues regularly poll over 60%


American politics is regularly fought between the 40-yard lines, with the rule of thumb being 40% of Americans are conservative and 40% are more liberal or Progressive. Any issues polling over 50% are likely to be generating some level of bipartisan support. The following issues, which one might consider progressive, are regularly polling 60% and above.



Minimum wage

A public policy polling survey from August 2016 shows the following states with over 60% support of gradually increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.



State                   Support             

Arizona                   60                                                    

New Hampshire      63                             

North Carolina        61                          

Ohio                        60                            

Pennsylvania          62                           

Wisconsin               63   


All of these states are either strongly conservative or swing States.                        


College tuition

College affordability is a very Progressive issue yet a CNBC poll from August 2016 shows 62% favor tuition-free state colleges.



Regarding Healthcare, a Gallup poll from March 2016 shows 64% favor Medicare for all.



Criminal Justice Reform is a human rights issue often tied to Progressive values. A Pew Poll from February 2016 informed survey participants that nearly half of prison population is composed of non-violent drug offenders. In response 61% of respondents said that’s excessive. On the same issue, The Tarrance Group, Feb 2016, asked whether the federal government is spending too much tax money keeping non-violent offenders Behind Bars. Over 67% in Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin said yes. Again, all these states are either strongly conservative or swing States.


Income inequality

A Gallup Poll from April 2016 showed 61% agree upper-income people pay too little in taxes.


These are but a few issues typically considered Progressive that have bi partisan support. We know this includes many who would self-identify as conservative…because 60% can’t happen without them.


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