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"Don't Take Our Health Care Rally - Charleston, WV

Battle with TrumpCare part 4

On June 25th, Wood Co Indivisible headed to Charleston to take part in the rally "Don't Take Our Rally" at the Charleston Auditorium. The Rally featured speakers from concerned citizens, grassroots leader, and even Bernie Sanders. It was organized largely by Planned Parenthood and grassroots progressive movements in WV. It was cosponsored by MoveOn. As Senator Capito sits on the fence about the AHCA, groups across the state are begging her to vote NO. The healthcare bill decreases Medicaid funding and will be detrimental to communities across the state. Many of our members contributed to the #SaveMeCapito releasing videos aimed to tell the Senator why this bill is so bad for us individually and as a state.

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Meeting with Capito in DC - Charleston, WV

Battle with TrumpCare part 3


Janice Hill - Charleston Gazette

On June 22nd, some of the Indivisible members traveled by bus to meet with Senator Capito in her office in Washington, DC to discuss the AHCA. Sen Capito listened respectfully as members of the group told her their situation and what will happen if she votes for the bill. Some of the moments from the trip went viral. A video of Rev Janice Hill speaking to Sen Capito circulated national media. Rev Hill then went on to be interviewed by major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and others. Rodney Wilson also went viral with a short video on NowThis. Overall, the trip was a success. They were able to lobby Capito and get their voices in the press.

Indivisible Responds to WV Budget

"SOS - Save Our Services"

When the West Virginia budget seemed to be failing, Indivisible took to the Parkersburg City Park to raise awareness. The budget at the time featured severe cuts to major social programs, education, and tourism. It is rare for Indivisible to protest a more local issue separated from the Trump administration. But the group felt we had a responsibility to stand up for WV and WV budget. The risk for citizens across the region was too great.

"Early Retirement for Rep McKinley"- Parkersburg, WV

Battle with TrumpCare part 2


In early May, Indivisible delivered 150 balloons to Rep McKinley's Office in Parkersburg. The balloons represented the thousands who would lose coverage in WV under the House  Trump Care Bill. When McKinley voted YES for the AHCA, he voted for his early retirement. Indivisible Wood Co sends his office a "Happy Retirement Postcard" daily. It is also a friendly reminder that when his time comes for re-election we will work our best to vote him out of office.

XOXO Your constitutents.

"Greet Sessions"- Protest in Charleston, WV

Attorney General Jeff Sessions attended an Opioid Panel, announcing Charleston as a pilot city for the DEA360 strategy. This strategy marks a return to the unsuccessful War on Drugs". Ironically, the replacement health care bill proposed by Republicans slashes Medicaid. This limits West Virginians access to rehabilitation. This combination of bad policies promotes incarceration rather than rehabilitation. Wood County Indivisible, along with Rise Up WV, organized overnight and traveled to the University of Charleston to protest on May 11. 

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Staging a"Die In" Indivisible Responds to House AHCA 

Battle with TrumpCare Part1

In early May, the Republican controlled House announced the revival of an ACA repair and replace bill called the AHCA. In response, Wood County Indivisible organized calls to representatives, a media campaign, and most notably a "Die-In". The Die-In took place in front of  Representative David McKinley's office in downtown Parkersburg. The May 3 Die-In action Brought attention to the fact the constituents of District 1 may die when they lose the benefits provided by the ACA.

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Town Hall with Senator Joe Manchin


On April 12, Senator Joe Manchin held a Town Hall meeting with 400 Parkersburg area constituents. The Town Hall was the result requests from Wood County Indivisible. Senator Manchin took questions from the audience on a wide range of issues, including health care, the proposed Trump budget, the opioid epidemic, immigration, danger to the environment, jobs, the Appalachian Regional Commission, climate change and industrial hemp farming.


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Senator Capito Mobile Office Meeting 

Senator Shelley Moore Capito's staff held a Mobile Office on February 28 in Parkersburg. 85 Wood County Indivisible members attended the meeting. Constituents asked questions of the staffers for more than an hour and expressed disappointment that Senator Capito will not schedule a Town Hall in West Virginia.

Parkersburg News & Sentinel Article

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